Jag Repairs

524 South Dixie Hwy W,
Pompano Beach, FL 33060 US
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The Oldest Jaguar Only Independent Repair Shop in South Florida.

Celebrating twenty-one years in the same location.

Did you ever ask yourself, what happens when you bring your Jaguar into your local Foreign Repair Shop? The first question going through your mind should be is, how many Jaguars do you see in the shop for repair? If you see less than four, do yourself a favor and RUN!! For whatever reason you decide to stay, then the next set of questions should be.

  1. Does this shop have the special tools needed to repair my Jaguar?
  2. Does the shop have the proper diagnostic software needed to repair Jaguars 1998 - newer. The software is called IDS/SDD. This software is for Jaguar/Range Rover only. Besides the Dealer there are only two local shops that carry this software. Jag Repairs is one.
  3. How many years experience does the mechanic have that is working on your Jaguar?
  4. Does the mechanic have enough experience on Jaguars to anticipate a problem before it happens?

Any Repair Shop That Claims to be an Expert on all Foreign Cars is Lying to their Customers.

A repair shop would need hundreds of thousands of dollars in special shop tools, plus the software for each model they repair. Next time you bring your Jaguar to a Foreign Car Repair Shop, ask the boss if they have a Jaguar expert on staff. Today's cars are so sophisticated, it is almost impossible to repair these cars without proper education.

How Many Times Have You Left the Repair Shop with Your Jaguar Still Not Running Properly, or Has Just Developed Another Problem?

For the last twenty-one years, Jag Repairs has repaired nothing but Jaguars. May times we have been asked to repair other models. We explain to our customers that while we have the knowledge, without proper tools and education, we become parts changers. At the end of the day we have wasted our time and your money. We stick to what we know best, repairing Jaguars. We carry all the tools and equipment to properly repair your Jaguar.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Mitchell Levine and I'm the owner and operator of Jag Repairs. As a certified mechanic with Jaguar Master Program, I have more than thirty-four years experience working on Jaguars. I started with Jaguar working for the largest Dealer in New York, Hempstead Auto Co. Moving to Florida, I joined Palm Bach Motor Cars in West Palm. I have spent the last twenty-one years as the owner/operator of Jag Repairs. Prior to starting each repair, a firm estimate is generated based on the necessary parts, plus a reasonable labor rate. All our work is warrantied for 12 months or 12,000 miles against defects.