Erwin Schwarz

2625 S. Brentwood,
St. Louis, MO 63144 US
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2 Reviews

  • ted4 years ago

    Discussed with owner capability and desirability to work on my car. Needed basic tune-up, fluids, brakes, suspension work. Assured they cared and were capable of securing parts, etc.

    The car was towed (quite a distance at my expense) to thier shop where I was assured it would be stored indoors and work would begin as soon as parts arrived.

    Called several times, assured just minor delays. Visited again and found car stored outside for nearly 2 months with nothing done and no apparent interest.

    Collected the car and will never trust them again. Lies, misrepresentation and careless with the car.

    Never, never, ever take your vehicle to them for service.

    1973 Jaguar XJ-12
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  • Joseph7 years ago

    Bought a 1962 Rolls Royce from Erwin Schwarz LTD. St. Louis MO on 5/11/11 that was supposed to be in excellent mechanical condition since they had been taking care of the vehicle for years for the owner. Only took a couple of days for the car to fall apart needing new generator, voltage regulator and engine to be torn down to identify horrible engine knock. Paint quality and interior were misrepresented as well. I feel like we were out and out lied to by Eric Schwarz the owner about the condition and quality of the Rolls. I would never buy ANYTHING from his business again. I contacted Eric on 5/18/11 to discuss the problems and misrepresentation of the Rolls after I heard from my mechanic and he acted like he had no responsibility and it was a case of "Buyer Beware". Maybe that's how some outfits operate, but not reputable companies. Hopefully, I have saved someone else the trouble of getting ripped off by this place.

    Joseph Busenhart

    Thoroughbred Limousine

    Lexington, KY

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