Jaguar S-Type Loud Noises From Driver Side Suspension

Known for their style and splendor, the Jaguar company has released dozens of iconic vehicles into the world, not the least of which is their S-Type, a mid-size luxury vehicle. The X204 (2004) and X206 (2006) were two members of the S-Type family that helped it reach such acclaim with their sleek design and cutting-edge technological innovations. Some owners report loud noises from the driver’s side suspension.

S-Type owners who experience suspension noises often describe them as occurring in a similar fashion. The cars will often have over 100,000 miles on them, but be in good condition otherwise, and it the sounds don’t happen while driving over even ground. It takes a pothole, speed bump, or other such jarring terrain to make the metallic clunking begin, and then it will sound as if it is clearly coming from one specific point in the car, very often the front driver’s side.

It’s important at this point to notice whether or not you are experiencing a sound only or if there is also some lurching of the car. If there is lurching as well, you might be dealing with a damaged suspension system or sway bar. A failure of either of these pieces will result in a potentially dangerous situation for you and your passengers and be tremendously expensive to fix. Another, less dangerous, possibility is that your engine guard is loose and needs to be reaffixed to the car.

Fixing your vehicle and making it safe for you and your passengers is obviously a top priority. This is why we recommend taking your X204/X206 to a nearby import auto maintenance shop. The highly trained and experienced men and women employed at such a location will be able to easily discover the source of any unusual sounds and make your car as safe as it can possibly be.

Search for a local, independent Jaguar repair shop with Jaguar mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.