Jaguar XF Automatic Window Malfunction

Initially designed as an update for the Jaguar S-Type, the XF—which went by the codename X250 during its production—rolled into the spotlight, as have so many of its highly-lauded predecessors, during the Frankfurt Motor Show. Imagine the delight of automobile enthusiasts when two years later, in 2009, the XF Supercharged and the XFR were also released, both of which featured broad improvements in both the technical and aesthetics of the vehicle. XF owners occasionally experience a malfunction within the automatic windows.

The problem as reported by owners is that when they try to use the automatic function to roll up one of the windows the glass stops part of the way up and begins to descend again. Eventually, owners say that they just have to manually hold the button up to “force” the window up. Obviously this is exceedingly annoying, and the danger is that you’ll wind up dealing with a stubborn problem like this during a downpour or a snowstorm.

Due to the relatively high number of parts that work together to ensure that windows work properly, it is sometimes difficult to pin down exactly where an issue like this stems from. A classic problem lies with the window regulators, which are small motors that pull several cables to raise and lower the window. Another common instance is that the window sensor—the part that says when there is an obstruction in the path of the rising glass—is malfunctioning, believing resistance is present when, in fact, it is not.

Taking care of these problems shouldn’t be to hard if you bring your XFR of XF Supercharged to a specialized import service technician. By taking your car to professionals such as this—and by avoiding the exorbitant fees charged by dealers—you can save yourself a headache and some money.

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