Common Repairs on the Jaguar XF

In 2009, Jaguar released two variants on the popular XF, the executive luxury car designed to replace the S-Type: the XFR and the XF Supercharged. Both cars featured cutting-edge new updates in technological, aesthetic, and safety specifications, and they went on to receive accolades from every corner of the automotive industry. Even so, the cars do experience some difficulties and malfunctions such as:

Sunroof Noise Problems: Especially noticeable while going over bumps, noise coming from the sunroof resembles a rattling or thunking, and may be due to a large amount of dust and grime collecting around the seal.

Rear-End Whining Differential Problems: Indicated by a high-pitched whining coming from the rear end, you might also notice a slight—or not so slight—shuddering of the vehicle while going between 10 and 70 MPH.

Automatic Window Malfunction: The windows only go part of the way up before stopping and going back down. Holding the switch in the up position will usually solve the issue, but the automatic option doesn’t function like it should.

Water Pump Problems: Eventually leading the car to overheat, a malfunctioning water pump could be indicated by liquid leaking from the front end of the car and a tendency for the engine to run constantly.

Transmission Jerking: When down-shifting, does your car suddenly lurch into lower gears than you wanted? A chronic problem for XF Supercharged and XFR owners, a jerking transmission could be a sign that your vehicle needs a software update.

All of these issues and more can be easily and quickly remedied by taking your vehicle to a nearby Jaguar service garage. Cheaper and more efficient than a dealership, the experts at such a place will have no problem discovering the root of your car troubles and returning your vehicle to the road in magnificent condition.

Search for a local, independent Jaguar repair shop with Jaguar mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.