Jaguar XF Transmission Jerking

Released as variants on the XF, the XFR and XF Supercharged are two of the most renowned automobiles in the Jaguar lineup. Stemming from an update to the S-Type, the XF featured technological innovations in a cutting-edge luxury atmosphere. 2009 saw the release of both the XFR and XF Supercharged, where even more power and beauty was supplied to the vehicle. Owners occasionally experience jerky transmissions.

Most often associated with downshifting, a jerky transmission can be a startling or frightening thing. It becomes especially alarming when the car starts to lurch forward while slowing down, a scenario that could lead to an automobile collision in the worst case. It also seems that the RPMs aren’t affected in any way, and that the shifting of gears is in no way associated with an over-revving of the engine itself.

Transmissions and their inner workings are one of the most complex components your XFR of XF Supercharged possesses. Therefore, it is rather difficult to pin down exactly what a lurching transmission is indicating. One of the more common causes for a problem like this is that the car needs a software update. Occasionally, when a car is released, there are minor glitches in some of its systems. Particularly now that a computer controls most every mechanical function, there are issues that arise that are simply due to a bug or malfunction in the software itself.

Taking your vehicle to a local Jaguar service expert will give you access to the highly trained and experienced individuals who can accurately diagnose the issue with your car and solve it in no time at all. We highly recommend this course of action before the jerking transmission becomes an even more serious problem.

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