Jaguar XF Water Pump Problems

The Jaguar Supercharged and XFR (2009) are both variants on the XF, an executive/mid-size luxury car codenamed X250. Along with substantial updates to the car’s interior and body, the XFR also managed to break the Jaguar speed record previously set in 1992 by the XJ220. Despite its magnificence, some owners still experience difficulties like problems with the water pump.

The water pump is an essential piece of equipment that prevents the car from overheating. If the water pump begins to malfunction, it means that the cooling liquid intended to wick away the majority of heat from the engine is no longer being transmitted through the lines and you are close to overheating. Because the water pump failure is more common on the 5.0 liter engines, it means that XFR and XF Supercharged are particularly affected. It also means that the car becomes far less fuel efficient due to the inability for the engine fan to shut off at any moment.

Common signs that your water pump might be failing are tendency for your car to overheat and a loud clanking or rattling coming from the engine block. You might also spot some leaking coming from the front end of the car, which would indicate that perhaps there is a broken seal that is causing the water pump to work improperly.

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